Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Stacie's email April 20, 2016

Thank you for the sweet letters of encouragement! I'm doing so well, and I'm feeling so blessed! Right now I am serving in one of my previous areas in central Tucson in the Spanish ward El Dorado, and I am loving it! I have a wonderful companion, and it has been so great to reconnect with some of the people that I had left here.
We found out yesterday that we will be welcoming Elder Jeffery R. Holland to have a couple conferences with us next week. We are SUPER excited! In the meantime, our mission has a couple different challenges put out by our mission president in order to help us prepare spiritually to receiving counsel and revelation through one of the Lord's great servants. All of the challenges are centered around obedience. Surely the more obedient we are, the more we qualify for and are worthy of the Holy Ghost to teach us and give us specific instructions for our individual challenges. 

I love the principle of obedience. We do certain things that bring us closer to God, and he in turn blesses us in abundance! I have learned the value of this principle on my mission, oh how I am grateful to be serving right now!