Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Part of an email from Sister Bringhurst!

Part of Sister Bringhurst's email to her family about one of Stacie's first lesson experiences:

We were teaching Mario the law of chastity, and he asked us what will happen if he breaks the law.  Well Hermana Townley must have been walloped by the Spirit because she jumped on her scriptures.  I was thinking, "Yeah, that is my companion. She is great."  She pulls out Proverbs 6: 27-32.  As she started reading it, I fist-bumped her.  It sounded great.  However, as I finished reading it in English, I couldn't help thinking it was a little, no VERY direct.  It basically said he was burning in hell and had damned himself.   As he finished, I couldn't help snicker a little.  That did it.  Hermana Townley broke into uncontrollable laughter.  Through sobs she said, "I--I am sorry. It--it wasn't th-that scripture. Ha ha ha."  I think our teachers have classes where they have to keep a straight face because Hermano Beltr├ín has never broken character.  This was the exception, though.  We were all laughing.  Just dying.  It took like three minutes to settle down.  Sigh. Gotta love it.

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