Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stacie's email March 9, 2015

Hello everyone!

It's been a great week here in Rio Rico! I hope you have all been able to feel of God's love for you throughout this week and thank Him for all of the blessings and miracles we receive from Him everyday!

I think I mentioned in the last letter that the work here has been pretty slow. Well, me and my companion decided to go at it super hard this week, so we invited our whole district to join in, first with a fast and prayer to help us find those people that have been prepared to hear and accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We recommitted ourselves to be as diligent, hard-working, and obedient as possible so we could be worthy of those blessings we've been promised. And the blessings started pouring in. 

On Tuesday, we decided to do a strong, district-wide power hour, in which we knocked on every door and talked to every person that we were physically able to, always remembering our purpose, and being as faithful to the Lord in our efforts as well as our attitudes. We really tried. It was quite an amazing experience for me. During the first few minutes of knocking on doors, we found 3 people who readily invited us back. Then, on the last house before we finished up, we came across the Romero family. We talked to Manuel, the dad, first outside on his front porch. As we told him more and more about Jesus Christ's restored Gospel, he got excited enough to invite us into his house and meet his whole family. They are Catholic, but they don't feel spiritually uplifted at all when they go to their church. And they have never heard of our church before. But the things that we said made sense to them, and they wanted to learn more. We invited them to church and got a return appointment. We also received 5 referrals the same day. 

On Sunday, Hermana Aleman and I fasted again for this family specifically. We prayed all night and all morning, it seemed, that they would have their hearts open and feel the Spirit during the meetings. It really worked. They found the meetings to be very uplifting and beautiful. They were asking questions, and even commenting on some of the topics about repentance. They are excited to come back and we are excited to teach them more this week. 

Adrian is also doing really well. The baby shower was on Friday, and they are so busy preparing for their little girl to enter the world. He also got a job, which was a really incredible blessing, it's really hard to find work in this area. He is really excited about the Gospel, this week he recieved the Aaronic Priesthood. And he's even been asking about serving a mission....maybe he can go on a mini-mission? We'll see. Either way, it's wonderful to see his enthusiasm about some of the spiritual experiences he's been having! 

There have been so many more miracles that have come as a result of fasting, praying, obedience, and faith in this week alone, in my companionship and in my district. The Lord is really working with us in our area! I know that He lives, and he loves ALL of his children!  Without a doubt in my mind, I know that this is His Gospel and His work.

Hermana Townley

I forgot to mention in my last email, we had a wonderful lesson with Myra, Isabella, and also Jr. joined in this time too! We had a fun lesson about the Plan of Salvation using a baseball game as an object lesson. We had them run to each base as they passed through the different phases of our spiritual lives. When they made it back to home base, we talked to them about the Celestial Kingdom, and they all desired to be a part of it. We hadn't planned on it, but I felt prompted to invite them to be baptized. To my surprise, they all said yes! Although they have the desire, we are praying that the heart of Myra's husband will be softened toward her being baptized. She doesn't want to do anything that will build a barrier between her and her husband, understandably, and her husband is a devout Catholic. We will keep praying though! 

Sister Stacie Morgan Townley 

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