Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stacie's email and pics April 21, 2015

 Hermana Starnes from the CCM!

 Mexico City Temple trip!

We hiked to a statue of Jesus this morning

My dear loved ones, 

This week has been a whirlwind of challenges; emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Life is so exhilarating, there are always new things to learn and new ways to learn them! Tonight I will be going on a "language" exchange in Tucson with Hermana Garcia, who doesn't know hardly any English. I've been a little nervous about it, but I'm excited to be stretched and challenged! 

I have found that Heavenly Father works in several interesting ways to accomplish His purposes. Last week I told you about our ward missionary who passed away unexpectedly on Easter. As devastating as that was, I was able to find a tender mercy from the Lord during his funeral. Carlos Lohr was a convert and he was the only one in his family that was a member. He had a lot of nonmember family members attend his funeral in the church house, where we were able to invite the Spirit and provide comfort to his mourning family. One of the members of the Bishopric, Hermano Torres, was asked to speak and he took advantage of that opportunity to share the Plan of Salvation with those family members who thought that Carlos was gone forever. It was a wonderful talk, and there were 3 different people who asked to take discussions from missionaries afterward. We were just amazed. 

Later on in the week, we met with Michelle and were teaching her about the Book of Mormon, when she stopped us midsentence and asked when she could get baptized! We have a date for her in May but we need permission from her Catholic mother. Will you all pray for her mom's heart to soften towards Michelle getting baptized? We could use all the prayers we can get! 

We also miraculously found May this week, who moved here from the Philippines 5 years ago, and has been looking for the right church. She's excited to take our lessons and get her kids involved in our church activities. 

Heavenly Father loves all of his children. I'm so blessed to be serving Him and participating in His glorious work! There is nothing more rewarding. 

I invite all of you to pray for a missionary experience this week and share in this joy that I feel whenever I help someone who needs the Gospel just as much as I do! The Gospel truly brings indescribable joy to me. 

With all my love,
Hermana Townley :)  

P.S. This is the last week of the transfer (time is just flying by!), and I'm pretty sure I'm losing my companion :( but that also means I'm officially out of training! P-Day will be on Tuesday next week also. So until then :)

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