Monday, April 6, 2015

Stacie's email April 6, 2015

Happy birthday, Michael Fausett!! I hope everyone had a Happy Easter Sunday as well! This week has just been full of wonderful reminders of the unwavering love of our Savior towards us. It has truly been a week of spiritual upliftment and rejuvenation of all of God's creation. Even the barren desert of Arizona has begun to become green and colorful! It is absolutely beautiful here in Rio Rico, and I'm reminded of our Father's love every time I see how beautiful his creations are. 

My companion and I had an interesting week. We weren't able to do much proselyting because we had car problems and had to make two long trips to Tucson, and then Zone Conference (which lasted all day), and then General Conference. It was wonderful to also be able to have some much needed spiritual rejuvenation! Despite our busy schedule, however, Heavenly Father still blessed us with finding opportunities. This past week, our ward mission leader's daughter returned home from her mission in Russia. Apparently there is a lot of weird political reformation going on there, so they invited a few neighbors to come and hear some updates on Russia politics. And we were invited. So we went, not expecting a whole lot of teaching opportunities, but the Lord provided a way for our political discussion to turn into a Gospel discussion. Conversation was easy, and we have a return appointment with Javier and his wife this Tuesday! What a miracle! 

Because of our car problems, I was able to do a TON of studying this week, that's all we could do while waiting for our car haha. It was such a blessing though, because I was able to really learn about the life of my Savior and really study His teachings in preparation for General Conference and Easter. We usually get a lot of study time, but it was really nice to just focus in on my study of Christ, and I learned so much about Him this week.
With everything that I learned in General Conference this week and also in my personal studies, I've seen a pattern, or a theme, that really stands out to is the invitation to "Come unto Christ". 

I've been pondering that invitation all week. What does it really mean to "Come unto Christ"? What can I do better to show Heavenly Father my acceptance of that invitation? And what can I do to help others understand the importance of making Christ the center of their lives? I've changed my Book of Mormon study topic to this, to understand better the implication of these words that are so repetitively emphasized in these three powerful words. 

My invitation to all of you, is to come unto Christ! Find a new way to grow closer to Him this week. Make that invitation personal to you, because He is always inviting individually. Remember Him in all of your thoughts and actions. He is our Savior, and He is always eager to save! 

With all my love,

Hermana Townley

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