Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Stacie's email and pics June 16th, 2015

La familia Astrain

Hermana Hopkins

The Alvarez family

La familia Arias

Me and Andrea Arias

Me and Lesli Arias

Grandma Duke :)

Hermana Hopkin's house! :)

Dear family, 

I have to be brief today. We are just busy, busy, busy, and there is always more to do! I hope you are all doing well and using every moment of your weeks to strengthen your relationship with our wonderful Father in Heaven. 

I love my new area! I'm serving now in a very small Spanish branch right in downtown Tucson. We have the University of Arizona in our area, too, and we live about 5 minutes away from campus. It's getting really warm here too! I checked the temperature last night after the sun went down about 8:00, and it was still 102 degrees! I always forget to check during the day, but it feels about 110 sometimes. The heat is pretty debilitating to our work, it just exhausts us! We did service this week at about 3 in the afternoon for a whole hour (without shade or water to drink) cleaning out an investigator's pool, and we felt like we were just going to pass out. I feel like the Lord really helps us and keeps us strong in times like that. Somehow I'm able to just keep going. 

I think I'm getting better with my Spanish speaking. Sometimes we just get too busy to do keep our assigned time for language study, so I have really started trying to study at every other opportunity to compensate (during meals, in the car, when I say personal prayers, etc). Although I don't feel like my language studies are as effective as they should be, I've noticed that Heavenly Father blesses me constantly throughout the day so that I'm able to communicate with both members and investigators. 

In general, my testimony in obedience has increased significantly this week. My companion and I have made it a goal to do our best to be exactly obedient with the mission rules, even the ones I don't understand or don't feel are as important, and the Lord is pouring out His blessings on this area. He really is! It's amazing how He works with such unqualified people and still makes wonderful things happen. 

I will try to be more detailed in my next letter. I love you all :) 

Love, Hermana Townley

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