Monday, June 22, 2015

Stacie's email June 22, 2015

Buenos Dias a todos!

I feel the love of Heavenly Father in so many ways, it is so powerful and undeniable. I am so grateful to Him and I know that He is involved in every single aspect of our lives. This Father's Day was a special one to me. As I reflected about my own earthly father, and the unconditional love that he's always shown to me, I was able to also reflect about love that I feel showered upon me from my Heavenly Father every day. We are His children, and He loves us more that we can even comprehend. I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day! And happy birthday to my dear Weston, and my lovely sister Allison! 

I've been pondering a lot this week about the difference between our physical needs and spiritual needs. This week I was confronted with a unique challenge, one that kinda tested my faith a bit. Last Tuesday, we hit a high of 109 degrees (I think), and my companion and I were out doing service all morning, then went straight to walking around and contacting people. I experienced for the first time in my life an unquenchable thirst. I must have drank 5 bottles of water in just a few hours, which meant a lot of bathroom breaks and a lot of opportunities to refill on the water (I had made a promise to Heavenly Father to take care of my body and keep it hydrated the best I could so I could perform my best during proselyting hours). The more I drank, it seemed, the more thirsty I would get. We decided at about 4:30 before dinner to stop by the Patriarch's home to visit his wife who just had a stroke. During the visit, I began to get really shaking and nauseated. I had to sit down when I started getting light headed. I drank some more water, and then threw up. My companion thinks I had a little bit of heat exhaustion. 

I decided to take it easy for the rest of that night. As I rested, I felt a prompting from the Spirit to open my scriptures. I turned to John 4 and read "Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again; but whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life." 

This has caused me much pondering and questioning this week. I think about the way I feel when I am physically thirsty: desperate, dry, unwell, exhaustion.  Then I picture my spirit experiencing an even greater thirst when I don't constantly seek after the very source of everlasting life, the fountain of living waters, or Jesus Christ. We've all experienced how it feels to finally drink a nice, cold glass of water after a long day's work in the hot sun. Refreshing, rejuvenating, RELIEF!  Our spirits experience a similar thing, on a much, much greater scale; the relief and refreshment that comes through repentance through Jesus Christ, which allows us eternal life. 

I've talked a lot about the Romeros from Rio Rico... I heard some wonderful news this week that they have experienced a change of heart and have decided to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized on July 11th! I cannot explain with words the JOY that I feel knowing that they are being led by an infinitely loving Heavenly Father, and they are listening to Him! 

It's a wonderful invitation to ALL from a loving Brother, to come to Him, and enjoy the blessings of Eternal Life.  I pray everyday for all of my family and loved ones to accept this invitation and to feel that thirst-quenching relief that can only come through Jesus Christ. 

With love, Hermana Townley

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